Creating meaningful financial experiences through engagement

Simply updating your digital infrastructure does not guarantee higher patient engagement, self-service, or satisfaction. Despite digital adoption reaching an all-time high, not understanding financial responsibility ahead of service, a lackluster digital experience, and payment options that don’t reflect affordable avenues for supplementing the cost of care, can still represent significant barriers for patients. Tune in to this mini-session hosted by Flywire to gain data-driven insights on how to create financial experiences that lead to higher patient engagement and loyalty. In this mini-session you will learn: ● How to leverage engagement to drive adoption and support for your Digital Front Door initiatives. ● Why a shift in focus from traditional billing practices to consumerism & affordability can unlock dramatically higher levels of patient response and self-service. ● Case study: How Banner Health built a modern financial experience by focusing on Consumerism.

  • Session Type:Exhibitor sessions
  • Attendee type:Current client, Prospective client
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