Guiding your ambulatory surgery center into the future

We understand your need to deliver high-quality, low-cost, patient-centered care in a high-volume environment. Cerner is committed to ensuring clinicians have what they need. During this session you'll learn how the Cerner Ambulatory Surgery Center offering can help you manage the patient’s care from scheduling to quality documentation through the claims process, contribute to timely and accurate reimbursement, and keep the clinician experience – and most importantly the patient – in focus.

***The video for this session will no longer be available 15-minutes after the scheduled end time. You can visit the on-demand catalog after the conclusion of the event to view the session recording.

  • Date:Thursday, April 29
  • Time:12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
  • Session Type:Solution overview
  • Content topics:Ambulatory, Clinicals, Clinician experience, Physician, Revenue cycle management
  • Client value driver:Marketplace strategy
  • Learning objective 1:Define the market trends and regulatory changes regarding ambulatory surgery centers.
  • Learning objective 2:Identify the tools available for clinicians, the business office and the overall management of an ambulatory surgery center.
  • Learning objective 3:Discuss the potential benefits and efficiencies available for an ambulatory surgery center with a fully integrated offering.
  • Target audience:Business development, Clinical, Nursing
  • Challenge to solve:Improving clinician efficiency and operational excellence
  • Attendee type:Current client, Prospective client
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