Improve ICU clinician experience and patient outcomes with Cerner critical care management and CareAware Waveform Management

Critical care units worldwide are challenged like never before to provide excellent care and patient outcomes in the face of unprecedented demand, ever higher complexity of cases and staffing shortages and turnover. This makes highly efficient, user-friendly solutions focused on the specific clinician workflows and requirements in critical care essential and has led Cerner to develop a new Critical Care Management and the CareAware Waveform Management applications. In this session, you'll hear about workflows and capabilities of these new products and how they enable the multiprofessional care team to effectively manage highly complex patients to achieve optimal outcomes. It includes an ICU flowsheet seamlessly integrated into PowerChart and provides data-dense, comprehensive views allowing for easy correlation between clinical parameters. It features the ability to incorporate waveform data into the chart electronically and immediately use Waveform Management, providing a better clinician experience and cost savings. It allows for streamlining documentation and guiding care toward improved patient outcomes using the essential clinical dataset for critical care and the ICU Liberation Bundle integrated Cerner’s critical care solutions.

***The video for this session will no longer be available 15-minutes after the scheduled end time. You can visit the on-demand catalog after the conclusion of the event to view the session recording.

  • Date:Friday, April 30
  • Time:11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Session Type:Solution overview
  • Content topics:Clinicals, Clinician experience, Cloud, Device connectivity, Physician
  • Client value driver:Workforce experience
  • Learning objective 1:Discuss how critical care management and CareAware Waveform Management enable physicians and nurses to effectively view, assess and manage highly complex patients to achieve optimal outcomes and operate most efficiently in the high-volume/high-demand environment of today's ICUs.
  • Learning objective 2:Demonstrate how SCCM's ICU Liberation Bundle enables the multi-professional care team to focus its care on evidence-based measures to free its patients from pain, over-sedation, delirium, mechanical ventilation, immobility, isolation, sleep disturbances, ICU-acquired weakness and residual effects, and how Cerner has integrated these elements into our Critical Care Model Experience.
  • Learning objective 3:Define how the essential clinical dataset for critical care improves the clinician experience and streamlines and focuses documentation on the clinical data that matters to provide the most effective care using practice-based evidence.
  • Target audience:Clinical, Nursing, Physician
  • Challenge to solve:Improving clinician efficiency and operational excellence
  • International:International
  • Attendee type:Current client, Prospective client
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