Voice in the clinical workflow

Voice technology enables clinicians to spend less time interacting with technology and more time with patients. Using voice technology enables handsfree access to the patient record while keeping the focus where it’s needed, with the patient. Gartner predicts that, by 2023, 25% of employee interactions with applications will be via voice. Learn more about how voice technology can be used within your current workflows. In this session, we’ll explore two new types of voice interactions – ambient and command voice – to help you understand how they can help improve clinical efficiencies.

***The video for this session will no longer be available 15-minutes after the scheduled end time. You can visit the on-demand catalog after the conclusion of the event to view the session recording.

  • Date:Thursday, April 29
  • Time:1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Session Type:Solution overview
  • Content topics:Clinicals, Intelligence, Patient experience and engagement, CommunityWorks
  • Client value driver:Patient experience
  • Learning objective 1:Demonstrate how to leverage voice technology to improve patient care.
  • Learning objective 2:Define how Cerner is using voice technology to solve clinician burnout.
  • Learning objective 3:Understand the workflow efficiencies generated with less clinician computer time.
  • Target audience:Business intelligence, Clinical, Physician
  • Challenge to solve:Improving clinician efficiency and operational excellence
  • International:International
  • Attendee type:Current client, Prospective client
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