Less paper, more everything else: Leverage Cerner's paperless solutions to maximizing your operating room efficiency while creating your comprehensive electronic charts faster

Life is about tradeoffs, making tough decisions and managing the unexpected. Healthcare organizations have learned that tradeoffs can be good. Take, for instance, the transition to enterprise document capture solutions. The impact is real. Less paper translates into gains in efficiency and the reduction in the bottom line. Human nature is also real; the hardest tasks are saved for last. Case in point - the remaining paper artifacts tend to be complex clinical forms requiring signatures or documents coming from outside of their organization. 

During this session, you'll learn how Enterprise Document Management solutions have the intelligence and flexibility to help you manage the tradeoffs, make the tough decisions, and navigate the unexpected. We will explore how health information management can break barriers with Advanced Capture by positioning document capture operations at the point of care, helping you create a comprehensive electronic chart sooner. You'll learn how Cerner Forms Suite is transforming the clinical electronic consent process, allowing you to capture signatures during in-person or virtual visits. You'll see how Enterprise Document Management provides the flexibility of deployment and the intelligence to remove human processes, helping you capture documents in a timely manner for optimal efficiency and compliance.

***The video for this session will no longer be available 15-minutes after the scheduled end time. You can visit the on-demand catalog after the conclusion of the event to view the session recording.

  • Date:Friday, April 30
  • Time:1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Session Type:Solution overview
  • Content topics:Clinicals, CommunityWorks, Clinician experience, Consumer, Upgrades and optimization, Health system operation, Image management, Intelligence, Patient experience and engagement, Physician, Revenue cycle management, User experience and productivity
  • Client value driver:Workforce experience
  • Learning objective 1:Identify how Cerner Forms Suite automates the clinical consent capture process ensuring that we're capturing consent at the appropriate time to streamline pre-surgical workflows and maximize operating room use.
  • Learning objective 2:Define how Advanced Capture leverages intelligence to reduce the human effort in determining document type, patient and encounter information from images, simplifying the capture process.
  • Learning objective 3:Discuss the benefits of a distributed capture model and how Advanced Capture helps make that transition.
  • Target audience:Clinical, Health information management, Physician
  • Challenge to solve:Improving clinician efficiency and operational excellence
  • International:International
  • Attendee type:Current client, Prospective client
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