An optimized system leads to optimal results

Learn about the approach Cerner is taking to leverage data to understand where your system aligns to best practices recommendations. The Clinician Blueprints to Model Experience are one tool to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement in adoption and configuration. We will explore how aligning to our latest capabilities and Model Experience recommendations create a better experience for end users by reducing time spent in the EHR (Electronic Health Record), reducing alert fatigue, positively impacting the burden of documentation and streamlining workflows. We will also walk through Continuous Improvement's methodology and approach to optimizing your system.

***The video for this session will no longer be available 15-minutes after the scheduled end time. You can visit the on-demand catalog after the conclusion of the event to view the session recording.

  • Date:Friday, April 30
  • Time:12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • Session Type:Deep dive solution update
  • Content topics:Clinicals, Clinician experience, Continuous advancement, Upgrades and optimization, Data and analytics, User experience and productivity
  • Client value driver:Workforce experience
  • Learning objective 1:Discuss Cerner’s data-driven approach and how you can leverage Blueprints to identify opportunities for improvement and advancement.
  • Learning objective 2:Summarize what optimization opportunities can be identified for your organization and how to use this data-driven information to support prioritization and value impact decisions for your organization.
  • Learning objective 3:Describe three methods that can be used to achieve optimization and system modernization.
  • Target audience:Analytics, Clinical, Informatics
  • Challenge to solve:Improving clinician efficiency and operational excellence
  • Continuing education credits:CME, CNE
  • International:International
  • Attendee type:Current client
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